Tips for Choosing Event Promotional Items

Whether it’s for a community gathering or trade show, event promotional ideas are an important part of a successful event. Like other marketing strategies, getting the company’s name in front of people isn’t enough; it has to be done effectively. Below are some tips for selecting the right promotional products.

Consider the Target Audience

This step seems elementary, but it’s surprising how many businesses skip it. Planners don’t dig deep enough to get a real understanding of the company’s ideal customer. When choosing promotional items, it’s important to consider every element of the target market. With this knowledge, it’s easier to choose products that make a big impact.

Think About the Event

The event’s nature can help planners decide which products may be better than others. For instance, trade show attendees amass a pile of brochures and paperwork. With a promotional tote bag, they can carry everything around while keeping the company’s name at eye level.

Long-Term Use

A tote bag isn’t just good for a trade show; it’s something a visitor can use for a long time. Therefore, it’s important to think about longevity. At community events, a water bottle or lanyard with the company’s name can provide exposure in the moment, and staying power in the future.


Properly chosen promotional items are a good way to get the company’s products and services into customers’ minds. A great way to accomplish this is to choose items customers will use. For example, a software company can hand out promotional flash drives. When companies hand out useful promo items, potential customers will think of the business every time they use the item.

Don’t Buy the Cheapest Items

Most marketing decisions are based at least partly on cost. Planners must consider the ROI (return on investment) when deciding how much to spend on promo items. While it’s important to spend money wisely, it’s also vital not to buy the cheapest-looking items available. When companies hand out low-quality promo items, they send the wrong message to potential customers. Consult a local vendor to find out how to choose the right promotional item for any company and any event.