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How to Find a Reliable HVAC Contractor

As a homeowner, it’s your responsibility to make sure that all repair work in your home is done properly. You may be able to DIY a few things, but there are others where hiring a pro makes sense.

Your HVAC repair, for example, you need to call in an HVAC technician for the simply reason that the job demands technical specialty. The good news is many HVAC companies are operating today, and finding the right one will be easy if you know what to look for.

First things first, you’d like to list down a few companies after researching and comparing a few options online. Depending on the work you need, review these providers’ differences and similarities. Take note, not all HVAC technicians are the same.

Five Things to Consider When Choosing an HVAC Technician

Work Experience

Obviously, technicians need experience to do their jobs right, and that includes HVAC technicians. It is in your best interest to choose a technician who has been doing this kind of work for at least five years. Needless to say, they also have to be knowledgeable in terms of the latest technologies.

Vital Credentials

Reputable HVAC companies have proper certification. There are many HVAC certification programs in the country ensuring superior quality work through constant validation and education. The NATE (National Association of Technical Excellence) and ACCA (Air Conditioning Contractors Association of America) are two examples of organizations composed of qualified technicians. Don’t be happy when your prospect tells you they are certified. Look for proof and check if it’s updated.

License and Insurance

A license is yet another important thing you should look for in an HVAC technician. Should you have problems about the job after it’s done, a license will make sure you have a forum to take them to. Liability insurance is also important for apparent reasons. Insurance ensures that you are freed from liability when an accident leads to injury or property damage.


If you want to go for the most attractive offer, make sure you’re getting the best quality service in exchange. Ask for quotes from different technicians or companies and compare their rates. Very importantly, consider pricing only after you have found a quality company.


In the same way a job applicant is required to provide character references, you should require your prospective technician to give you client references. If they hesitate or give excuses, that only means you should look somewhere else. Once you have names and numbers, call these folks and ask for their opinion about the provider and the service.

Online Reviews

Finally, find time read online reviews about HVAC technicians. Everyone has bad things said about them, so you just have to ensure that the overall sentiment is positive.
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