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Welcome to the World of the Raspbians

The Raspberry Pi is the subject of different software that people wrote for. With the objective of helping developers share their games, applications, tools and tutorials to the general mass, the Pi store is opened, with links of other game developers and media. All Raspberry Pi needs will hopefully be served in this one-stop shop that the Pi store is tying to create. This is an easier means to enter into Raspberry Pi experience for those beginners who will have everything they need to start in one store, without cost.

The store enables users to download and upload information at their own texts and ready for release, and this is with the X application under Raspbian. Different utilities and classic games, and Raspberry Pi exclusive were available at 23 free titles during launch. Another product during the launch was a one piece commercial content.

It is the objective of the Pi store to provide creative people a means to show their creativity with the wider market, and hope to make some money along the way. It is a way for commercial developers to show their software to the Raspberry Pi community.
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In the summer programming contest of the store, they encouraged the winners to have their entries uploaded to the store. The products of everybody is encourage for submission to be moderated and released. The developers can choose whether to make their contents free or for sale. Even if you are not charging your product, you still have the chance to get some income if your content is liked by people, and this is talled with the tip jar mechanism of the store. There are many submissions you can do like binaries, raw Python code, images, audio or video, and soon you can submit Scratch content too.
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To make Pi store great, the community will load all things Pi in the store. Aside from submitting your creation, you can help Pi store in the reviews and ratings of different products downloaded. A recommendation engine is provided in the Pi store that can tailor your needs, and with your reviews, recommendations for you and other users will be better. Reviewing constructively would mean the best content gets submitted and will be placed on top.

Another product of one-stop shop are computers categorized as single board that offer factors, processors, operating systems and I/O options which can be of use in telecommunications, aerospace, defence, and image processing.

Referred to as SBCs, these computers are created on a one circuit board. The no slots and slot support are the two distinct architecture of these computers. Best fit for these computers are applications such as gaming and machine control.

SBCs are mostly used in industrial spaces for process control over other devices for interfacing. The advantages of SBCs lie on its being durable and versatile.