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5 Questions to Ask a SEO Company Near You

For an online business to survive, it requires a successful online strategy. Search engine optimization is directly related to that success. A company or small business owner needs to know a little about internet marketing, or at least enough to know what questions to ask, when considering an SEO company near you.

It’s not a good idea to trust the company’s brand to an SEO business just on face value. it is smart to find out how much experience the SEO company has before making a decision. Here are five questions to ask that will help in the decision-making process.

1. What type of success can be expected?

A discussion about what is deemed a success is important. In addition, the company that’s chosen should be able to give stats of other clients that enjoyed some level of success. The idea here is to see a long client history of results as opposed to short-term tricks.

2. What type of SEO strategy do they employ?

Every SEO professional has his or her own strategy for improving search engine results. The SEO company should be able to give proof their technique gets results.

3. What strategy can be expected for assuring backlink?

Backlinks are important because they tell Google’s algorithm your site might be worthwhile if other sites are linking to it. Be cautious about paid links. That is the fastest way to get your site buried or banned altogether.

4. What type of communication can be expected when changes are made to the site?

Some companies report changes made in a monthly report while other provide more frequent updates. Be sure to inquire about how changes are tracked.

5. How can the company ensure the use of Google’s best practices?

What Google says goes, and the SEO company must ensure that Google’s rules are not violated.

The SEO company should be viewed as a partner in the success of the business. Therefore, the feel of the chosen SEO professional or company should be a positive one. It should appear as if this company is an extended support system with the hiring company’s best interests in mind at all times.

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